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Tips for removing tough stains from school uniforms.

September 19, 2019 - Best Uniform Provider in Uttarakhand -

Parenting comes in stages, and develops with stages more of now there may be many parents who have excelled in their job very nicely. But with the experts of parenting, there is another group of people who are struggling with the ever new problems related to schooling and education.

Here we Kapoor and sons have attempted to solve this biggest mystery of stains and marks on your child’s school uniforms.

A uniform belonging to any job or any sector carries a lot of importance. The task to maintain and manage the school uniform can become a tiring process if you do not know the right way to fight tough stains.

Here are some tips to get away with tough marks from the school uniforms:

1. Ink stains: The most common type of marks you encounter in school uniforms are stubborn ink marks. No matter how much you avoid, your kids will always bring these stains on their crystal clear white shirts.

How to remove ink stains?

Place a paper towel or scrap fabric under the affected area and spread some hairspray on the inked part (yes, you read that right). After a few seconds, use a clean cloth to remove the ink. Repeat as necessary, and then wash the garment as usual with regular laundry detergent

2. Mud stains : The very frequent mud stains can give parents a headache. It could be because your child is mischievous or it is because of the weather, in any situation the real problem remains the stubborn muddy stains 

How to remove mud stains?

Firstly, allow the mud to dry and then gently scrape off any excess mud. Cover the stain with laundry detergent and a little water and rub the fabric together, then rinse and repeat as necessary. You can treat mud stains on colourfast fabrics by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water, and then wash it with an enzymatic laundry detergent.

3. Oil and grease stains :  There can be some other very rigid substances which clearly can create confusion among the parents. Majorly oil and grease stains fall under this category

How to remove oil and grease stains?

Whether it’s cooking oil or motor oil, rinse the stain immediately with cold water, then rub the part with the dishwashing liquid. Rinse it and repeat as necessary. Then gently rub an enzymatic laundry detergent into the stain, covering the entire area and let it sit for five to 10 minutes or a little longer. Without rinsing out the laundry detergent, wash it, as usual, using the hottest temperature that fabric can handle.

4. Bloodstains:  There are lots of activities that involve physical education at school level which sometimes lead to injuries among the senior as well as junior students. Altogether blood stains can be particularly challenging to remove.

How to remove blood stains?

 Take it straight to the dry cleaner. Soak the garments in cold water, rub the stain gently with your fingers to remove as much blood as possible. If the water begins to turn pink, replace it and keep repeating until the water stops turning pink. If that doesn’t work, you can try using a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide, but this may discolour some fabrics, so try it on a hidden spot of the uniform first.

5. Fruit and fruit juice stains :   Your kids can be involved with substances related to fruits and fruity objects, learn in the following step 

How to remove fruit juice stains?

Dilute the stain in cold running water and apply an enzymatic laundry detergent to the stain, and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Without rinsing off the detergent, wash the garment at the hottest temperature appropriate for the fabric.

With school uniforms made with fine quality fabric, your child’s uniform will remain new for a long time. For other problems related to stain and marks Kapoor and sons have already attempted to solve this major concern among parents.

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