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Uniform care for boarders in winters.

November 18, 2019 - Best Uniform Provider in Uttarakhand -

Dehradun is surrounded by a lot of beautiful hills with all the serene beauty it has the reward of the chilliest of the winters. Apart from the natural beauty of the town one other factor that makes the place stand out is the number of educational institutions it has. Boarding school in Dehradun are known for providing the finest education pattern not only to the students from the state but students from adjoining states consists half of the strength in the boarding school in Dehradun.

Winter season has a lot of care attached to it the as students, especially the boarders living away from their parents need a perfect arrangement to maintain their winter school uniform schedule-

Here we Kapoor and sons, best uniform provider in Dehradun are providing the best of the solutions for managing all the requirements for boarding beforehand. 

  • Woollen Blankets– Depending on which part of the town is your school the first and foremost thing needed for the winter preparation is the blanket requirement for your ward. Fabrics that are irritation free and have a comfortable texture attached to it is the ideal choice for the blanket. As mentioned earlier the quantity of the blankets will depend on the part of town the boarding school is.
  • We are attaching the ways you can take good care of your woollen blankets, mark the points boarders!!
  • To remove stains on woollen blankets immediately before they set into the fabric.
  • The blanket outside in open air before usage to allow them to air dry, but try to keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Detergent that is specifically for wools should be used and washed with cold water. 

You can look for other winter care tips for school uniforms 

·  Woolen Blazers– The topmost priority for the woollen uniforms yes we are talking about the woollen blazers. As boarders, it might appear a difficult task for students to maintain these parts of the uniforms.

Here we are attaching the ways you can take good care of your woollen blazers, mark the points boarders!!

  • Depending on the fabric of the blazer, polyester blazers are easy to launder while on the other hand woollen blazers require professional dry cleaning and proper storage.
  • Woollen uniform stuff can be washed less frequently for long life.
  • School hoodies – The weather changes and the so the requirements of school uniforms. Warm woollen hoodies need to be preserved so that they can further preserve you in the chilling winter season.

Here we are attaching the ways you can take good care of your school hoodies, mark the points boarders!!

  • Empty your pockets after wearing to avoid the bulging or sagging of the woollen material.
  • Dry the uniform on a flat surface and preserve from direct heat and sunlight.

Life in a boarding school can be termed as excellent preparation for the future Here Kapoor and sons uniforms provider in Dehradun is providing some quick tips to deal with your winter uniforms this season.

  • Always ensure that you read the garment care tags on every single product. 
  • Test new cleansing products on a small area of the garment first.
  • Attach the student’s name and number so that the chances of misplacing the uniform are very less.
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